Mary Buzuma Libertarian for Governor
(Scotty Boman for Lt. Governor)
Your Life - Your Voice - Your Choice
We learn about being libertarian when we're children. We're taught by our parents:
  • Don't hit
  • It's not yours, don't take it
  • Keep your promises
   It teaches us respect for others. Now if only we could get people to apply it to public policy as well.
  • The power of government is used to force people to live the way others think they should.
  • The government power of taxation, regulation, or eminent domain is used to take property that belongs to others.
  • Republicans promised to reduce spending. Democrats promised you could keep your current healthcare plan. They both promised to uphold the Constitution and they both made promises the taxpayers couldn't keep.

 Libertarians remember what our parents taught us.

  • We believe in individual liberty and responsibility. You own yourself and no one else.  You have the freedom to think and act as you choose as long as you do not harm others.    
  • Since you own yourself, you own the fruit of your labor. It's not your neighbor's and it's certainly not the federal government's.
  • We'll keep our promise to uphold the Constitution. Because a government that is limited in it's power won't hit you and take your stuff!

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