Meet the Candidates

Meet Mary

My name is Mary Buzuma and I’m running to be your next Governor. I love the people of Michigan and when you love something, you feel compelled to step in and help solve the problems and failings that are hurting the ones you love. As Governor, it would be my honor to serve and help the people of our great state.

A Life of Service

I’ve lived a life of service. After graduating from Kalamazoo College, I enlisted in the US Navy, where I served for 26 years in Naval intelligence. In the Navy I learned leadership and how to become a team player. I developed a deeper appreciation of the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; because in the Navy I lived and traveled to where these rights do not exist.

When I ran for governor in 2014, I traveled all over this state and met thousands of wonderful people. Their concerns were bad roads, mediocre to poor public schooling, lack of affordable housing, high cost of health care, abuse by police and administrative rules and regulations that placed needless hurdles in their way every time they tried to improve their lives.

Eight years later; billions of tax dollars spent, more rules and regulations and the two major parties playing the blame game; has anything really improved?

Both Democrats and Republicans have disappointed us. They make promises that they never intend to keep. Why do we keep electing them?

With your vote, on November 8th, a change of course is possible. And together we can protect individual rights and freedoms, leaving the politicians who promise the world, and never deliver, behind.

Let’s do something different, together!

Meet Brian Ellison – Lieutenant Governor

Brian Ellison was born and raised in Royal Oak, and aside from his time in military service, he has been a lifelong resident of Michigan. Brian’s father was an elected representative in city government, which gave Brian a unique early insight into the corruption and brokenness of governmental systems from a young age.  This generated a level of skepticism that persists today.

However, despite this skepticism Brian remained optimistic that systems of government and the efforts of leaders could have a positive impact in the country, and the world. After high school, Brian enlisted in the military and spent time in Iraq and Europe. Although he was awarded with several commendations for his achievements and efforts in military service, his skepticism about the ability of government to solve the problems of the world deepened based on his military experiences. After leaving the military, Brian attended the Wayne County Regional Police Academy, and graduated with top honors, receiving both the top academic and class leadership awards.

Nearly all of Brian’s life experiences have served to reinforce his belief that government usually does more harm than good. Witnessing the utter dysfunction of the 2016 election cycle combined with some personal experiences with abusive governments ultimately led to Brian’s desire to get politically involved. In 2018, Brian ran for Congress in Michigan’s 8th District. During this run, he made worldwide headlines during the race for his provocative campaign to Arm the Homeless and his persistent challenges to the system of policing in Southeast Michigan.

Today, as the Lieutenant Governor Candidate for the Libertarian Party of Michigan, Brian’s greatest passions are for real justice and equal rights. If elected, Brian will focus his energy on reforms to the criminal justice system and ensuring the protection and expansion of rights for women and racial, gender, and sexual minorities.